Women’s Day 2023: Lost in history! A look back at the ‘FIRSTS’ of Indian Cinema

‘Raja Harishchandra’ is touted to be the first Indian film. While making his film, Dadasaheb Phalke had to come across several challenges. The biggest one was to search for a woman who would be the heroine in the film. But no woman agreed to work in the film. Eventually, he had to make a male actor to enact for the female role. In this view, India’s first heroine was not a woman, but a man instead!

So, you can imagine how difficult it was for women to usher a new era in Indian cinema. Had these women not broken stereotypes, Indian cinema would have never been a canvas for some of the finest performances given by women in the film industry.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, here’s a tribute to five women who walked past the conventions and built a revolution of their own, pioneering Indian cinema into a new direction.

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