‘I don’t think I can fathom the idea of my daughter Adira being away from me so I put my mother into Mrs Chatterjee,’ says Rani Mukerji | Hindi Movie News

Rani Mukerji will be seen next in ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ which is a real life story of a Sagarika Chatterjee. Her children were taken away by the Government on Norway on the basis of her parental insticts like putting ‘kaala teeka’ on the children, feeding them with her hands amidst more things which we as Indians have grown up on. Rani who looks quite impressive in the trailer itself, spoke about how she got into her character at an event recently.
The actress revealed that she’s never met Sagarika till now. “I’ve never met Sagarika because as an actor what I wanted to bring to the table is my interpretation of her character. I didn’t want to bring too much baggage to the table. For me, the story of Mrs Chatterjee was about Mrs Chatterjee and I had to play it cinematically for this film. I knew the emotions she went through because I sat with Ashima Chhiber (director) a billion times through the script. Ashima had a lot of tapes that she had recorded of Sagarika chatting with her so I went through a lot of those tapes. I grabbed what her emotions were because I wanted to understand her emotional graph.”

Rani further added that she couldn’t even put herself into Sagarika’s shoes, so she could only think of her mother when she read this character. “I don’t think I can fathom the idea of my daughter Adira being away from me, so I had to think of my mother because I didn’t have the courage to think of Adira. The only person I could think of, after reading this character, was my mom. She is born and brought up in Kolkata, she came to Bombay when she got to my father when she was 21. After 50 years of being in Mumbai, she still sounds like a Bengali when she speaks in Hindi or English. I think once you’re a Bengali born and bought up in West Bengal, you will always have that Bengali flair in your accent. You will have that flair of that Bengali accent. I’ve just taken my mother and put her into Mrs Chatterjee.”
Rani further spoke about the impression she had of her mother while growing up. “For me, someone who is so connected to her roots, there’s nobody else I know more than my mom. She has never left her roots. Whatever impression I had of my mom growing up – a begali tigeress, the way she fed us with her hands, the way she has given us love – when I read the character of Mrs Chatterjee, I could only see my mother. I could only imagine that if someone took me and Raja away from my mom, she would go completely nuts,” expressed the actress.

‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ will release on March 17.

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