Huge Fire After 3 Trucks Collide On Madhya Pradesh Highway, 2 Dead

2 people died as a result of the fire from the collision.

Three trawler trucks collided in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district on Saturday, killing two drivers and injuring at least one other. The accident took place on the hilly Mumbai-Agra four-lane highway. A truck headed towards Mumbai collided with two other trucks coming from the opposite direction at the Ganesh Ghat, Dhar stretch of the Mumbai-Agra National Highway, due to brake failure, police said.

After the accident, the trucks containing cargo of marble, parcels, and some cars caught fire, with columns of black smoke rising high in the sky. One of the trucks overturned on the highway, completely blocking access to that lane.

As the trucks caught fire, police were informed and reached the spot. The fire brigade was dispatched to control the fire in the containers. Two people died due to burns from the fire, while another was seriously injured. The survivor, Laxmi Lal, is currently being treated at the government hospital in the town of Dhanmod. The postmortem of the two victims will also be done at Dhanmod Hospital, and local police will investigate the collision.

After the fire brigade and police successfully brought the fire under control, the highway traffic at the Ganesh Ghat stretch was flowing smoothly again. Currently, the routes are not blocked.

To the immediate side of the wreckage of the trucks, a prominently placed traffic sign on the highway at Ganesh Ghat reads in Hindi “dheere chalo, surakshit raho” which translates to “Go slow, stay safe”.

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