David Dhawan: Satish Kaushik was a dear friend & a brilliant actor. He deserved more | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood woke up to the tragic news of senior actor-director Satish Kaushik’s untimely death this morning. He was 66. The ever-smiling actor was last spotted at Javed Akhtar Shabana Azmi’s holi bash in Mumbai on March 7. He later flew to Delhi for holi celebrations and passed away there due to heart attack.

Kaushik had some close friends in the film industry, David Dhawan being one of them. The actor’s constant presence in almost every Dhawan film was testament to their friendship and work rapport. Grieving the sudden loss of his friend, the director told Bombay Times, “I got a call from Anupam (Kher) in the morning and I was heartbroken. Satish Kaushik was a friend to me first, actor second. He was such great company. He was close to not only me but my wife and children. Satish never stopped working and was such a loving soul. Whenever he knew I was working on a film he would call and say, “Mera role nahi hai kya?” He was doing web series now. He never said no to me for anything.”

He added, “We would talk almost everyday on the phone. We have a friend circle of around 15 friends and we would meet occasionally. I couldn’t meet him in the last few days because I wasn’t well also my brother-in-law passed away recently.” Speaking of Satish Kaushik’s body of work and talent, David Dhawan said, “He was a brilliant actor who deserved more. He was also a writer and a director. Boney Kapoor was the first who gave him a shot at direction in Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja. Satish and I met for the first time in 1977 and became friends since. I am from FTII, he was from NSD. I can’t even keep a count because we worked together on almost every film of mine. He won a filmfare award for Saajan Chale Sasural. His Pappu pager character in Deewana Mastana also became immensely popular.”
He pointed out, “Not many people know this but he used to write his own lines and was a great improviser. We were shooting for that Pappu pager scene in Hyderabad and both of us knew usmay maza nahi aa raha tha. We cancelled the shoot and reshot that scene in Mumbai. Both Govinda and Satish wrote their respective lines for it and they are such great actors.”

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