Arbaaz Khan recalls dropping a drunk Mahesh Bhatt home with brother Salman Khan; reveals the director forgot where he lived | Hindi Movie News

Arbaaz Khan recently recalled dropping a drunk Mahesh Bhatt home with his brother Salman Khan. The actor spoke about it with the director on his chat show.
Arbaaz said Bhatt was so drunk at his house with his father Salim Khan that the writer told Salman and him to drop the director home. They tried to take him home in a cab. However, the filmmaker forgot where he lived.

Spilling some beans on his battle with alcoholism, Mahesh also recalled waking up and finding himself sleeping on the footpath of JVPD scheme. He remembered his face was on the concrete and dawn was just breaking. He realised he had gone for some party and he had fallen down on the road and slept there. He remembered walking up to his house when he was living with Soni.

He confessed to her that he had become alcoholic. And then a miracle happened. Shaheen was born. When he came to the hospital, he was holding Shaheen in his arms and he went to kiss her and he got this feeling as if she had moved away. According to him, she couldn’t bear the fumes of alcohol. She couldn’t have done it, she was a baby, but this is what he hallucinated and projected. That did the work for him.

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